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I would really appreciate some insight on this one! Been teaching myself Hitfilm Express over the last few years and finally purchased the Puppetry and Particle Simulator packages. I cannot get rid of this distortion in the final render of my videos. The particles look great, but the layers that sit underneath the effect have a strange pixelated color distortion that drags behind the moving particles. I have re-built, started the project from scratch, and viewed the videos on at least 3 different screens - with no improvement. Here are my specs:

Alienware m15, i7, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super, Windows 10, 32GB RAM, Graphics card up to date as of one day before render.

1440QHD @ 60fps

Background is PNGs I have made in GIMP and layered together in Hitfilm. Some puppetry on the man as well as the items peeking out.

Distortion occurs a little bit with puppetry along the tip of the flame. Lots of distortion from the particle simulator using the pre-built rock setting. It occurs when I render directly from a composite shot, as well as when I build the individual layers into the main editor.

This is a screenshot of the rendered video without the particle simulator layer:

This is a screenshot of the rendered video with the particle simulator layer (I've added white arrows to highlight larger portions of distortion):

This folder above has 2 rendered videos (one with particles, one without) so you can see the distortion in motion. It also has the two screenshots listed above.

It's not insanely noticeable, but I would obviously love to see the video render clean. Thank you in advance for any and all help!


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    Maybe it's too low bitrate. Try using higher bitrate at export.

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    Not sure if I can even see the issue but I do see some compression artifacts and upping the bitrate should help (but make your files bigger). You might try rendering out to an uncompressed (lossless) format such as uncompressed AVI or GoPro Cineform RGB. You can also output to PNG sequence, which is also lossless.

    If you are concerned about the edges around the particle effects rocks, then add a very slight blur to soften the edges.

  • ohlordyjordi
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    Thank you so much!! Both solutions worked well - the uncompressed file turned out to be 7GB for 7 seconds of video though. But upping my bitrate to 90 seemed to remove the artifacts really well for less space! So I think that's my best choice.

    You have saved me loads of time and frustration <3 And @Stargazer54 I will definitely try the slight blur to the edges of the rocks. A great tip!

    Again, thank you both so much!

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    You welcome 😊