How do I add synced audio back to a video clip that has lost it by clips being moved around

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I have added multiple videos with audio tracks and have moved them around on layers only to discover I have video tracks that have now lost their audio component. How do I re-add the audio for the video tracks I have based on the assets I have used. I'm looking to either get the in and out of the clip based on the asset so I can cut an audio track that works or is their a way to just drag out a video clip into the audio layer to retrive it again?


  • Stargazer54
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    Video clips should not lose their audio unless they are "Unlinked". By default Video and Audio are linked. When you select one on the timeline, they are both selected and can be slid along the timeline together.

    However, if they have become unlinked somehow, you can relink by lining up the video and audio track to get them back in sync, hold down Ctl to select both, right click and select "Link". That will paste them back together.

    Maybe I misunderstand the issue. Perhaps your audio is still there on the timeline but has shifted down? Note that if you select a video track and move it up to say Video 2 or Video 3 that the corresponding audio track is also shifted "down".

  • criptopus
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    I checked the history and discovered that they had been unlinked in the past, which explains whats happened but not how to get the audio back once deleted off the timeline. I have many pieces missing and it would be indeed time consuming to resync them by hand. In other systems you would highlight the video clip, click find or some such in the asset and just re drag it in from the assets and they would be synced audio as in the assets
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    Is there any way I can find out the start and end of a clip in the time line based on where it is in the originating asset? If I could do that I would happily recut the clips with the audio but I cant find a way to find these times.