Can I save text as a preset?

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So I edit a lot of videos, those video's have subtitles. It is very annoying to go into the text editor, select the font, color, size, outline, placement, and duration along with other edits like making it fade in and out. So I wanna know if I can save this text into a folder or something to drop it in and just select it every time I open up Hitfilm.



  • Andy001z
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    Hi sorry for the delay, at first I was not sure how to answer but then it came to me. You need to check the Hitfilm manual.

    Here it tells you how to make a template and how to use the 'PUBLISH' feature. Basically I did one using an added TEXT layer in a new composite shot then changing the style and size and location of that text. Then and here is the bit that you need to do, to allow you to change the text in the template. You need to publish the Text Layer. Right click on layer and hit publish. One you have this you can try it. Go to your editor, and drag your text composite onto your timeline, head to the controls panel and you should have a new box that says something like Enter text here. Bingo you have your text. Now follow the instructions on how to make a template file and reload it and I think your good.

    Head to this section in the manual for info.

    The great thing it once you have your template file you can pull it into any project you are working on.

    Good luck.