Composite shot button not working

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I don't know what happened, I might've pressed a button combo on accident, but when I was editing a video and I selected a clip/track to make a composite shot and I noticed the button was grayed out and did nothing when clicked.

I tried doing ctrl+m but that didn't do anything either. Composite shots worked on audio tracks, but not video tracks, does anyone know what's wrong? (Blurred out irl name on the file)

I've looked around on the internet but I can't find anything similar to my situation, help?


  • Andy001z
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    if your in the editor screen, this would make sense if your trying to make a composite shot from an existing comp shot, it does not allow that. You need to either duplicate the comp shot and then add it, or go into the comp shot (into composite editor mode) and then create a comp which is allowed.