Exporting suddenly became slower?

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Hi my exporting became slow suddenly.

I make mashup videos with 20minutes duration and it always takes 45mins - 1hour but suddenly it now takes 1 hour and 30minutes up to 2 hours.

The only changes I made in my computer is I bought a 144hrtz monitor and turned on G-Sync. Also my C: Drive is kinda almost full. Do this things affect hitfilm exporting speed?

EDIT: My bad, for some reason the default Export preset changed to Youtube2160p UHD. I usually just use Youtube1080p HD. I believe it was changed after I installed the newer version of hitfilm then returned to the older version which I think is stable for my computer(2021.1).


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    Just FYI, a higher refresh rate monitor can indeed put extra load on the system, especially on the GPU. If you just upgraded from a 60 hz monitor, you basically 2.4x the number of frames the GPU needs to output.

    Your full C: drive could also be causing slowness. Most computers need to swap memory from RAM to the storage drive, which is hard to do when there's not enough space to do that. Additionally, there's a good chance your HitFilm cache is set to C: which is probably also struggling with the low space. If there's not enough space to cache, HitFilm may have to rebuild assets every time it wants to use them- which takes a lot of resources.

    Of course, 4k is 4x the pixels of 1080p to process, so that is almost certainly the biggest culprit. πŸ˜‰

    Assuming you are still within spec, 2021.3 (with the latest patch) should work perfectly fine, though you may have to turn off the Timeline Cache and Auto Proxy features for the best performance.

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    Thanks for the information. BTW When I installed 2021.2 the videos had some weird flickering thing going on. I thought at first that it was only in the editor but after I exported it the flicker was still there and in some parts the video is just black screen for like 1-3 seconds. So i just used 2021.1 because I dont have problems with it.

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    Without knowing what your system is (outside of the new monitor), you may well be just in spec for even 2021.1, which was a 4th gen core i3, i5 or better, or its AMD Ryzen equivalent. and your graphics cards will be from 2013 or so and 8, preferably 16G of RAM for memory, and anything over 2GB for VRAM for anything above 1080P.

    That's the absolute minimum specs for 2021.1. Now HF is up to the 6th gen minimum and graphics cards from 2017 and newer as the current minimum specs and oh, no Ryzen 3 or i3 processors are mentioned, only the i5 or Ryzen 5 and up, let alone the other potential issues triforcefx pointed out.