Flares gone wild

Gizmo148 Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

Within Hitfilm Express my flares look right and come on at the appropriate time. But when I export it (I've tried every way I could find on youtube) the video has the circles come up as each flare goes off.

How do I fix this so the export looks like the video within the editor?


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,694 Ambassador

    First, please read and answer the questions in this thread.

    Hitfilm SHOULD be rendering as your viewer looks. However, since you haven't listed your specs, I can only guess that you have a low end GPU and Hitfilm had automatically lowered your viewer resolution to speed up editing. At the bottom right of the Viewer panel is a drop-down menu including settings for Quality and Resolution (Play and Paused have separate settings). My guess is you'll find your quality is at Draft and Resolution at 1/2. Set this to Final and Antialiased and you'll see exactly what is being exported. You'll also have slower performance as you'll be processing more data.