Is it possible to open a HFXS file?

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I accidentally overwrote a HitFilm project file with an older version of the project file while backing up files. Checked the autosave folder and it was empty even though I have autosave enabled. However I did find HFXS files in: AppData > Local > FXHOME > HitFilm Pro > ExportSnapshots

The file size + date modified of some of these files seems like they would be the newest version(s) of my project. Is there anyway to recover a HFXS file? Already tried renaming the file extension to .hfp and it didn't work. Also what's the purpose of "Export Snapshots" and/or "HFXS"? There seems to be very little info about this.


  • Triem23
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    Whatever is written to an HFXS file is a question for the devs, but, no, you can't open an HFXS.

  • TheBenNorris
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    HFXS is the Export Snapshot file. I don't believe this is convertible into a full project.

    Also, with regards to having auto-save enabled - if you save your project, auto saves are deleted, since they are designed to save your work in the prevent of a crash, power loss, etc. It may be that you would benefit from something such as an "iterative" save however, which may already be requested in the wishlist part of the forum.

  • ProbablyIgnorant
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    Is it possible to export an export snapshot? I have a final render of my project but would be nice if I could get a higher bitrate version of it. Don't really need to access the full project since the video was done and my client didn't want anything changed.

    I do manually make backup save(s) however it also got overwritten by my backup of the backup save. I've made some simple changes to my workflow to make accidentally overwriting project files basically impossible so this shouldn't ever happen again.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @ProbablyIgnorant unfortunately that's not possible, there is no mechanism in the software for manually loading export snapshots without projects.

  • Dan1508
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    Whenever I export any file I always find another file that is created in the same directory as the exported file. It always has the name Untitled_pjPpqF.hfxs (with a random string of characters). This annoys me a lot as I always delete this file.

    Thanks in advance

  • Triem23
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    @Dan1508 (and Moderators and Staff) I merged your thread with this one which discusses what an hfxs file is. Read @TheBenNorris ' first comment. Also read the rest of this one.

    Ben, Hitfilm clears HFXS files when the user executes "Remove Finished Tasks," correct? Dan is probably doing no harm by manually deleting the file? Still he'd be better to just "Remove Finished Tasks" in the Export Queue?

  • TheBenNorris
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    @Triem23 I don't think these files are removed until the queue item is removed, the file I believe is a snapshot of the project at the point it is added to the export, so you can continue to change the project whilst exporting that snapshot.

  • carlito512
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    Hi everybody,

    I'm here just by accident. I was searchin for a snapshots from a movie in my "snapshots" folder. I found there few .hfxs files. Because I had no idea where they belongs to, I searched online and landed here.

    Because your software run sometimes around 45 minutes after closing the application, I use to kill the task manualy after few minutes, because some programs do'nt start, and some features of OS do'nt work at all.

    Can I delete that files?

  • Stargazer54
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    @carlito512 There is definitely something amiss with your HF installation. I would recommend uninstalling, reboot and then reinstalling HF.

    As far as removing the hfxs files (assuming they persist after a reinstall) - I will have to defer to @TheBenNorris to comment on whether that does any harm. Since they are temp files it is probably ok, but I can't offer a recommendation either way.

    If you continue to have issue with the software running after it is closed then you should contact FXHome support at