I'm Back! TRIFLIX Creative Media Studio is active again

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We are a media company based out of Columbus, IN. Last time I was here I was a solo artist, now I have a partner and 2 employees. While we have to keep the lights on with client work, we try to edit together Behind the Scene stories to keep the creative juices flowing; here is the latest video: https://youtu.be/RxO95orh9dM

My partner is the producer and will likely create a new account to start posting out content here weekly :)

Disclaimer: No one was harmed and the proper safety protocols were followed. The details in this video are true, but most of the visuals have been pieced together for entertainment purposes.


  • pbattersby
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    That was an interesting behind the scenes video and an interesting glimpse into a different take on real estate photos/video via a drone.

    I enjoyed it and learned something too.

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    Thanks @pbattersby! It's very important to know safety protocols and airspace when flying drones. We trimmed the video down for pacing and storytelling, as a result I let out an important part by mistake: We confirmed with an aviation pilot that we were not in the wrong in this situation.

    Hopefully our lesson will arm people with knowledge to avoid situations like this in the future. B4UFLY is a great app for visually showing people your rights in the air.

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    @TriFlixFilms Yeah, that is certainly a cautionary tale.

    Good to hear you are doing well with your company and welcome back! Best of luck with your business in the coming year.