How to move project & files to new Folder *without* relinking?

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GOAL: To be able to move project & media files to new directory and edit the project.

I've got a project on a usb thumb drive organized like this:


I Checked the "save with relative paths" option and saved the project.

I want to edit this project on another computer. Of course the Drive Letter changes.

But when I open the project on the other computer (and the Drive letter changes) Hitfilm
Express prompts me to relink all the files.


  • Stargazer54
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    Yes you will need to relink files if the drive letter changes. But you should only have to do that for one file and the rest will follow (assuming they are all on the same drive letter). Once that is done, make sure to save a new copy of your project so you don't have to go through the process again.

  • Triem23
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    So, yeah, if you move files you'll pretty much have to relink. Hitfilm doesn't store medua data in a project file, just pointers to where the media is stored. If you move the project you've "ruined the map."

    But, we can get around this with a little planning.

    Go to the File Menu, top left of Interface and select Options.

    In Options go to General Options and check "Use Relative Paths in Saved Projects." The manual describes this as:

    "Use Relative Paths in Saved Projects: Projects can include absolute or relative references to media file paths. When using relative paths, media is located relative to the project file itself. As long as the folder structure relative to the project file is maintained this makes it easy to transfer to a different computer or to use cloud storage."

    Putting it another way, when this is unchecked, Hitfilm is using "absolute" paths - "D:/MyVideo/ThingIShot" MEANS "D:/MyVideo/ThingIShot." When checked Hitfilm is storing "turn by turn" directions to the media file. "From the project file, back up one level, move to this folder, go to this subfolder and look there."

    So... If you check "Use Relative Paths" then create a project folder for each project, and have your edit list and project media in subfolders of the project folder, you can move the entire project folder and not have to relink. Because the "map" is "go into this subfolder right next to the project file."

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    I wonder why they haven't made a "collect all files" type feature until now? All the files from the project could be collected in one place when saved and then easily transferred to another location or another computer.

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