Is there something like a magnetic mask like in Photoshop?

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I really need a magnetic mask like in Photoshop. Is there something planned like that?

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    Hi @Starglance, welcome to the FXHome forum :)

    There is no such feature available yet although it has been requested before. One of the best ways to animate a mask (rotoscope) within Hitfilm is to use Mocha. Is way faster and you can do BOTH rotoscoping AND tracking at the same time. Give it a try if you haven't already :)

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    Pleasure! You might want to check out Boris FX's YouTube channel. They have plenty of good tutorials on how to use Mocha. I did the complete learning course and I'm glad I did, Mocha is such a powerful tool. I love it


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    Thanks for the reply.

    I have Mocha, but at the moment I find it very complicated. Maybe I should try more.

    Thank you again and have a merry Christmas

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    There is definitely a bit of a learning curve on Mocha, and it'll take you some time to get it down, but, once you do, things will suddenly go quickly.

    A general Mocha tip or two.

    First, a picture of a "paper doll" rigged for stop motion animation.

    Ok the photo shows how the paper dolls are cut then jointed together. This is how you want to break things up for roto. Instead of trying a single shape around an entire figure you track/roto segments separately. Head, upper/lower arm, etc. This is faster and easier.

    Secondly - Mocha is Mocha. Now, once you've roto'd in Mocha, how you deal with the data in Hitfilm will be different from (example) Ae, but Mocha is Mocha.

    Which means you'll want to look for "Mocha Rotoscoping Hitfilm" tutorials on YouTube to learn the Hitfilm end, but, after that you can use ANY Mocha roto tutorial - even if it's Mocha with AE or Avid or Nuke. All the bits about the actual roto in Mocha applies. Which means you can look up tutorials on "difficult Rotoscoping in Mocha," or "Advanced Rotoscoping Mocha," and what you learn you can use.

    Ok, your initial question. The "Magnetic Lasso" in Photoshop is the "Rotobrush" in Ae linked here is a Feature Request thread you'll want to up vote...

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    Thank you very, very much!