Hitfilm Express and Flowframes

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I've been doing a slow motion test with Flowframes and Hitfilm.

Flowframes is a nice piece of free software that increases the frame rate of your footage, giving an opportunity to make good looking smooth slow motions (when the interpolated footage is imported back to Hitfilm and slowed down of course).

However, I noticed something strange; if I have an interpolated clip of let's say 60 fps frame rate it runs smoothly only if I export the thing with the same frame rate. Trying to export it for example in 30 fps or 24 fps makes it a bit choppy :(

here are the video tests, is it only my eyes? The first video is 30 frames per second and the last one is 60.

Anyone have any idea how to make the 30fps export as smooth as the one that's 60 fps?

In my case I would like to export most videos in 24 fps but with that choppiness I'm going to have to figure out how to do the slow motion some other way :S

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