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Hey guys,
Big Dreams is now out, I released a teaser/trailer from it here a few weeks ago. I do hope you all enjoy this experimental one as I was never a fan of making films about dreams but a challenge is always fun.
Editing on this was a hard as it had to be both trippy/fun/challenging and fathomable.
Hope you all enjoy BIG DREAMS!

(Viewer discretion is advised)
In other news, we have a new short coming out next week titled "LOCKED" and our new feature will be in stores next month!
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  • F.C.Rabbath
    F.C.Rabbath Website User Posts: 50
    On a side note, a fun little clip we just released.
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    Finally got around to watching this in it's entirety. pretty good stuff as usual. Good visuals, good editing, pacing, audio, etc. However the acting left something to be desired. It seemed like most of the time the actors were focusing on either being too physical, or focusing on standing still. Take the scene at the ladies desk for instance, he snapped his head towards the camera twice in a row, it didn't seem very natural at all. However maybe that was the intent given the actual nature of the short. Personally, I liked everything except the acting.
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