Hitfilm Graphics support

JaredsWorld Posts: 2 Just Starting Out

Hi, I've just downloaded Hitfilm Express version 2021.2, and I only found that it lags when editing 60FPS video, and when I apply a Color Grade using the YUV effects. I have never had any problems with previous versions.

My computer is Windows 10 - 64-bit

Processer: Intel Core i7-9700

RAM: 8.00gb

GRAPHICS: GeForce GTX 1650

I have no problems with RAW video, light flares, particle simulator, or any 3D effect, just 60FPS video and Color Grades using the YUV effects.

Is it maybe the software? Or is my computer not compatible with this new 2021.2 update?

I've done a hard reboot on the computer, uninstalled then reinstalled, and nothing has worked.