Hitfilm flashes black, stops displaying video

doom7 Posts: 8 Just Starting Out
Like many other users, the first part of the video is fine, then a part of it is flickering black, and finally it's all black.

This issue was in Trimmer/Viewer and Export. Using Proxies, the issue disappears in Trimmer/Viewer, but persists in export.

I am using Hitfilm 2012.2

My PC is Asus Vivobook X510UF
with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU
running Windows 10 21H1 on 16GB memory

the video file is 1.07GB, H.264 encoded, 720p30
I didn't have this issue with previous versions of HitfilmExpress, even though I worked on much larger 1080p60 files.