Element 3D and Hitfilm Pro: Answers Please



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    @TheBenNorris, Yup... the next time it happen, I sure will.

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    Hey Greg @GrayMotion,

    Let's set a day to video chat about working with Element 3D and Hitfilm for sometime this week yeah? Let me know what time is good for you. 😀

    Maybe we'll check out if this "Undo with Control + Z" thing is just a Windows 10 bug because I honestly think that it is, I honestly think I'm just clicking buttons too fast and seeing as how I just did a clean install of Windows... meh, yeah it could be anything... like... I dunno... I keep saying 'Random Crashes' but like... it doesn't really hit home I think... Random Crashes.... hmmm... Random Crashes... but what does that even mean?.. because a bunch of programs are crashing on me at the same time when I click Control + Z?...

    You know what too though?... I haven't even re-installed my gpu drivers yet. Like I just re-installed Hitfilm Express a few days ago after re-installing Windows and then Hitfilm Pro 17...

    Blender 2.9.0, 3.0.0 and my Latest Filmer 3.0.0 builds with Cycles-X also randomly crashed... everything is running cool and then all of a sudden... Poop, crash with a 'Control + Z' or when I click an f12 to do a quick render.

    In Filmer's case I solved by Setting Filmer to Blender's Default Factory Settings and checking which 3rd party addons were doing the damage... turns out it is a bunch of addons that aren't written/updated for Cycles-X that were causing the crashes.

    The more I think about it, the following programs have all randomly crashed with 'Control + Z'... Filmstro has crashed a bunch on me... Vegas Effects crashed a few times but I've only used it a handful of times after re-installing Windows. Then there is Filmora... dude... Filmora is the worst crasher that crashes, it crashes at least 3 Times before the Editor and or Screen Recorder will open so that I can record or edit screen captures... yup from my perspective the only two choices are User error which is Me or the Clean re-install of Windows 10... I mean it really could be because I haven't installed all of my drivers but we'll see, what could be making all of my programs randomly crash with 'Control + Z'. Ahem Random Crashes, it's so menial that it really sounds like an Operating System issue to me. Why Control + Z? I wonder... could be ram memory or something dumb like that... it's gonna be funny if it is just an OS issue because Courtney is gonna poke some fun at me about... have you tried turning it off and then turning it back on, which is her answer for almost everything. 😀

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    Does Element 3D work in the trial version of HitFilmPro 2021.2? I have followed some tutorials, and I installed several of the Video Copilot plugins into my C:\Program Files\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\Plugins folder thru their installers. I created a new Composite Shot, then a New Plane (oth 1920 x 1080). But I never see the Video Copilot folder in Effects.