Editing and Exporting Youtube Project Files; Demo Watermark

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I have downloaded the project file for the Dune tutorial on FXHome YT channel. I purchased the add ons listed in the video, and have confirmed HitFilm Express is fully activated

I made some changes to the project compositions, and went to export. However whenever I try to export (either the original, unedited project, or after I have made changes and saved it as a new project), the exported video has a large watermark saying 'created with the demo version of HitFilm Express'.

Whenever I create new projects of my own, the watermark isn't there. Is this because the project file was created with the full version, and I am trying to edit and render it in Express? Even when I save all the individual comps and import them into a new project, the 'demo version' watermark appears on the exported video.

Is there any way to remove it? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Intel Core i7-9750

GeoForce RTX 2070


Windows 10, v.20H2


  • tddavis
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    @el4287 Not sure that there every was a Demo version of Express, very curious. There used to be a demo of Pro though. It is possible that there was an effect used that is an add on. I'll download the file and check with version of Express.

  • el4287
    el4287 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
    I appear to have resolved the issue. After expanding the compositions and effects, it seems there were two further add-ons needed that weren't mentioned in the tutorial description. VFX Damage and VFX Lighting. Once I added those, the watermark disappeared.
  • tddavis
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    @el4287 Good deal. Glad you found it. I got a bit sidetracked and just now sat down at the computer to download the file.