Apple M1 Max CPU

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Could be too early to say anything but would be nice if HitFilm had some updates


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    Yeah, I'm just going to copy/paste my earlier comment from the Hitfilm subreddit here:

    Hi. FXhome outside Beta Tester here.

    All I can say is FXhome is working on it. When it will be released, I have no idea, and, even if I DID know, my NDA wouldn't allow me to say so.

    From this point on, I am merely speculating based on publicly available information that can be found via web searches. I have no inside information informing the following:

    Hitfilm is based on a combination of OpenGL and OpenCL. Hitfilm 16 (December 2020) was a massive update which took Hitfilm from an OpenGL 2.1 core to OpenGL 4.1.

    Apple has deprecated OpenGL on the Mac in general, the M1 line in particular.


    With noise that Apple might have been ending OpenGL support for the Mac line, you can see this is a huge problem for FXhome. If Apple stops supporting the core tech behind Hitfilm, that's...bad. This would require FXhome to completely recode the entire package using new core tech - and, since OpenGL is a cross platform protocol this would require recoding the PC version as well.

    To pull a speculation from my ass, if FXhome was forced to recode a new editior/compositor from scratch, well.. That software wouldn't be Hitfilm. It would be an entirely new product under a different name. It would be literally impossible to change the entire Hitfilm code base from scratch without breaking compatibility with older versions. For a real world example, look at the hot mess when Final Cut completely recoded for Final Cut X. Any pre "X" Final Cut projects cannot open in "X," and the entire situation was a huge mess for Apple for a good couple of years.

    If you look back, THAT'S when Resolve became a major player as an NLE. A lot of companies jumped off Final Cut then (the University I did contract work for then moved all 250 licenses from FCP 7 to Premiere CS6. When Adobe forced everyone into subscriptions, the University stitched to Resolve).

    Premiere/Ae, FCP X and Resolve do not use OpenGL for the core renderer. All three use custom engines. This is when we note that Apple, Adobe and Blackmagic are all far larger companies than FXhome and have a lot more coders. It's not an exaggeration to say Adobe has several times more coders working on Ae than FXhome had people in the entire company.

    Now add to this the extensive real-world results showing that the M1 iGPU compares to discrete GPUs from three-four years ago, and, suddenly an M1 port of Hitfilm is no trivial matter.

    And, to be petty, I note while other software has been ported to M1, those ports are quick rush jobs that didn't initially release with all the functions of the Intel versions. With Premiere, Adobe's own help desk will say most third party plug-ins are still not M1 compatible, and After Effects doesn't yet have an M1 version.


    So it's not trivial for ANYONE to deal with Apple's new hardware.