HitFilm Express 2021.2 crashing when attempting to import files or load preexisting projects.

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-CPU: Intel Core i7 4720HQ 2/60 GHz


-OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit


-Model: ASUS ROG g751jy

When attempting to load a saved project with HitFilm Express's video editor, the program will instantaneously crash upon startup. If I try to create a new project, the program will crash as soon as a file of any kind—image, video, or audio—is imported into the editor. The very farthest along I have ever gotten since this issue arose without HitFilm crashing was successfully importing a single video into the editor, which displayed on the timeline in broken, glitchy visuals for all of ten seconds before the program faltered again. I have not been able to recreate this in order to collect proof as every attempt to import a video or load a project since then has resulted in an immediate crash.

It should be worth noting that this issue only arose after updating my software to version 2021.2. Before this update, other than exports being a bit slower than usual, I was editing videos just fine, with no problems whatsoever. Based on how many posts I've seen reporting a myriad of technical troubles with the latest version of HFEX combined with the fact that the program was performing perfectly prior to updating it, I feel safe in assuming that this is a problem with 2021.2 as opposed to my laptop—which is surprising to me, because this old thing is practically a brick at this point; it can barely boot up my web browser sometimes.