HitFilm Express 2021.01 export error: black screen randomly appears instead of video

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(I don't know English well, so the translator helps me :-) ).

Windows 10 Home 21H1

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4600G with Radeon Graphics 3.70 GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics

RAM: 32 GB

Drivers are up to date

I have a problem with exporting the movie in HitFilm Express 2021.01.


The video is 10 minutes long.

The movie has 30 video files.

The movie has effects, music and animations

The project file, video files, animations, and music are all on the same SSD.

Preset: YouTube 1080p HD (framerate: 50)

The movie exports fine until the first minute and then the black screen exports.

The finished movie is OK for the first minute and the rest of the movie is black screen + audio from video files, music and animations (only image from video files is missing).

The error is not related to the length of the movie or the number of files in the project.

The error occurs randomly in the export timeline (not always in the first minute of the video).

Do any of you know how to fix it?



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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you may need to go with an outboard graphics, meaning something external to your APU (CPU with graphics) and bypass the internal as it may not be enough for HD graphics.

    Also, what is the video clip sources? I ask as if from most cameras, they are compressed and likely use a none edit friendly codec and what res are they and your timeline as they need to match up. Is the video constant frame rate or is it variable? No NLE likes variable, best to convert to constant if not constant.

    I hope others can chime in and am surprised no one else has as yet.

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    Video file properties (info from HitFilm):

    50 fps
    AVC/H.264 (8-bit 4:2:0 High Profile @ Level 4.2)

    Format: 16-bit Stereo
    Sample rate: 48000 Hz
    Codec: AAC

    Each video file has the same parameters (resolution, fps, video and audio codecs).
    The number of framerate is constant.

    I'm using the HitFilm preset "YouTube 1080p HD". Dimensions: 1920 x 1080. Frame Rate: From Source.

    I forgot to write that this problem does not always appear. Sometimes the same movie (unchanged) is exported correctly.

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    @Wiertekk You are bouncing around the bottom on minimum specs to run HF. Contact FXHome support here - https://fxhome.com/support

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    Minimum system requirements

    - Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) - I have it

    - Processor: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors or AMD equivalent - I have more than that 

    - RAM: 4GB (8 GB Recommended) - I have more than that (32 GB)

    This computer does not have an external graphics card. Perhaps this is the problem.

    Recently, I was working on a computer with weaker parameters (but it had an external graphics card) and there were no problems.


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    @Wiertekk Thanks for the additional info, but again, contact Support at the link above.

    BTW, this is a user forum. Mods & Ambassadors are users just like you but have been using the software longer - we are not Staff nor do we have any inside information within the development staff.

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    From what I have gathered, this is middle of the road processor, with graphics, good, yes, and can even do the latest from Premiere Pro fine, but a discrete graphics card is still preferred here. Yes, it's better than Intel Core i5 processors of the same generation but still middle of the road overall.

    As Stargazer54 says, best to reach tech support with your specs and go from there.

    As to your source footage, I still contend you are working with non edit friendly sources (H.264/AVC and that may well be taxing your system as is.

    It's just a guess. Again, go over to support and list your specs and see what they say.

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    Same issue, started after latest update.. Haven't changed hardware or anything. Exported 50+ projects prior to update and never had issues, now hitfilm is extremely sluggish and slow so don't blame the hardware..

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    @fxhomer149132 If you have been keeping up with other posts, users with problems using the latest update are encouraged to contact support directly https://fxhome.com/support. Providing them with your specs and details on your issue will help them run these problems to ground.

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    Thank you Stargazer, I have contacted the support. Have a great day!

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    I solved my problem. I increased virtual memory and now everything works fine.


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    @Wiertekk Just curious . . . with 32 GB of memory you shouldn't have to increase virtual memory there (also know as paging space).

    I am assuming you increased virtual memory that the GPU can use as VRAM? If so that means the GPU will use a portion of regular Ram for video ram. Again this should be no problem as long as you have plenty of regular Ram to burn.

    Edit: It is entirely possible that increasing the paging file helped your issue and is not related to the GPU. Although it would be interesting to see how much VRAM you have. You can do this by going to the run window and typing "dxdiag" and running that utility. That will tell you how much both of your GPU's have for VRAM. Note that the minimum requirements for VRAM is 1 GB but that 2GB or more required for 4K video.

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    Oh wow,

    I haven't thought about Virtual Memory in a looooooong time. Had to think about it for a second to remember.

    @Wiertekk Howdy and how are you? I'm Frank, an Artist, 3D asset designer and 3D render Engine and full 3D application Developer. Good call with the Paging File system... like I said, I've not thought about that in at least 7 years.

    Questions and a little food for thought... and I only mention this because as mentioned by Lynn up above, Moderators, and Ambassadors don't have inside knowledge about the Program... I'm gonna add Beta testers to that list because non of the Beta Testers that I know and have personally talked to are Software Developers, they are just users like the rest of us but they report bugs directly to the Developers. The best that mods, ambassadors and beta testers can do is give you an educated guess based on the information that you give them so the more accurate that your info is... the better that the mods, ambassadors and beta testers can either help you or lead you in the correct direction to solve your problem as fast as possible. It aint like the mods, ambassadors and beta testers can look into the Hitfilm code and and tell you what the problem could be.

    Not many people can distinguish between User related Errors lagging and Crashes, or Operating System lagging and Crashes including outdated Devices and Drivers which I'll explain below and actual Software lagging and crashes which lead to a ton of guessing by people that are not coders...

    like if you open up a random program on your computer... now lets say that your program crashes, how can anyone tell if it is us as the User that simply made a mistake by mashing keyboard and mouse buttons, or if it is an Operating System Glitch or if it is the actual program that you're running? It makes things tricky for anyone to figure out and a lot of guess work.

    Also just mentioning this because the issue can only ever be one of these things when it comes to Lagging and Crashing... The User, Hardware and Operating System, the Source Footage and Assets... and lastly the actual program or a combination of programs that you're running at the same time.

    Have you had any really big Windows 10 updates? I just these past two weeks received and installed a bunch of Windows 10 updates all at once and some of the updates caused a bunch of Device Driver issues but non of them where Hitfilm or any other type of Software related, other than Hitfilm happened to be one of the four programs which I was running at the same time when I encountered the keyboard and mouse issues.

    What is your CPU core clocked at in MHz?

    Not talking about overclocking because I don't do that... it lowers the lifespan of your CPU and sometimes it will Randomly crash your Computer and whatever Software Program that you're running. Be careful if you happen to be Overclocking your CPU. Don't do it if you can help it but if you do... be sure to expect Random crashes on your machine and when you're running programs.

    If your clock is around 2.0 MHz which is called Factory settings, Default settings or something like that, which is what your CPU should be clocked at when you first Boot up after purchasing... then Hitfilm should be running just fine and from my personal POV, it is the safest to have your CPU clock at its Base settings for all programs to run as expected.

    I have a Pre-built system with a 32 core CPU Thread ripper in my machine. The Default CPU clock settings were at 2.03-ish MHz when I first Booted up and installed Hitfilm. Hitfilm, along with all of my other programs ran pretty smooth and with no problems... but then...

    I happened to look into my Bios and saw that my CPU settings were at 2.03 MHz which was actually just an arbitrary setting that the guys who built my machine set my CPU clock to for Testing while they were building it and they forgot to set my CPU to the Base Default setting of 4.0MHz.

    When I first made the purchase online, the Advertisement read that the Default or Base CPU clock should be at 4.0 MHz so I made the change from 2.03 MHz up to 4.0 MHz. On my machine this is not Considered as Overclocking because the 4.0 MHz is supposed to be the Base CPU MHz settings.

    Anyway, like I said Hitfilm was running as normal at 2.03 MHz but when I switched to the real Base Default CPU clock setting of 4.0MHz for my machine,...

    Hitfilm was like a Bodybuilder on Steroids... I mean I threw everything at Hitfilm and it looked at me as if to say... that all you've got? I even threw in a 17 million + poly 3D scene with 13 8K .exr textures for an IMAX size level type advertisement gig which was outsourced to me by a buddy and Hitfilm kept going like a Champ.

    Dude... Threadripper CPU with Base MHz settings + Hitfilm = Thanksgiving Gravy all over my Stuffing... smooth as butter... just the way I like it. 😀

    So yeah, for sure check and see for whatever your base cpu clock should be at and if your CPU is not at the Default settings... try temporarily changing it to a lower MHz so that you can test and see with your own eyes and know for sure because it could easily be some silly Bios setting like that.

    Matter of Fact... Me and one of my buddies are always trying to deliberately Crash Hitfilm by throwing a bunch of heavy poly, high res 3D objects and Hitfilm never crashes. The only time that it does crash is if it is a, in my case Windows 10 issue with out of date Device Drivers and especially Windows 10 Updates as I mentioned above, so check your computer for any recent and rather large Windows 10 Updates because there have been a whole bunch of Windows 10 updates just these past two to three-ish weeks and I know from personal experience that some of those updates will cause some really Hard Crashes on your computer. My machine actually had a few Windows 10 bugs this past week that were actually crashing my computer whenever I right mouse clicked the Taskbar, in the Start Menu or when I used the Undo hot keys of "Control + Z" and it was affecting every Program in my machine. I was just recently, just this past week talking about CPU cores, MHz clock speeds and Random Windows 10 Operating System Crashes with a buddy of mine here on the Forums. When I was talking to my buddy is when I remembered about the Windows 10 update issues because the same thing has happened a few years before and I was like... oh yeah... Windows 10 Updates.

    98% of the time I nail it down to User Error which is "me personally" because I'm the one on my machine pressing buttons so I'm the one responsible for how well my machine runs, basically I don't Blame Whatever software I'm using and the other 2% will be caused by an Operating System issue.

    It was a pain in the butt so I had to un-install Windows 10 and then do a Clean re-install of Windows 10... even after that, some of the Bugs that were affecting my Mouse buttons and Keyboard remained. I just got it squared away yesterday morning by un-installing and re-installing my mouse and keyboard Drivers. Now all of my programs are running just fine, including Hitfilm.

    The only Program that still crashes Randomly is called Filmora. It literally crashes three times in a row before it'll open up and run properly so that I can screen capture... Filmora is a little weird though because Filmora itself will cause other programs to work improperly. Like, If I'm running Filmora... I can't left mouse click and drag the Header of any minimized program on my Desktop which makes it weird for making video tutorials.

    Hmmm, footage... that could be something as well right there but I couldn't tell you because I only work with Image Streams or Image Sequences.

    If you're using a video file from a Cell Phone or one of the Video Formats already mentioned, then maybe do as already suggested and try to convert your footage by getting your hands on Handbrake which is a free video converter. You can then Convert your footage into one of the Hitfilm friendly video formats. This combined with your extra ram provided by your Paging System should smoothen out playback a bit more for you.

    Here's how I troubleshoot Computers and Software because I just really don't like nagging people when it's something that I can take care of myself...

    I develop a lot of artistic techniques and here is a Software Development process that I came up with for myself so that I can track down bugs better than anyone out there... and the process is simple because we're working with Computers and there is a Finite number of things although the number is still large that will glitch out your computer, it is still a Finite number, but like I said above... Computer problems can only every be one of a few things and if you simplify this process even further, well then you'll find the problem very quickly.

    First:: I make sure that the problem wasn't caused by me the User... remember, it is my machine and I'm the one telling it what to do so all responsibility is mine and mine alone. A machine can only be as Smart as its User tells it to be an there is no way around that. It is either me or the system and I always look to myself first.

    Second:: I check for Updates to the Windows 10 Operating System and check for outdated driver issues.

    Third:: If all else fails... then and only then do I send a bug report to the Developers because they've got other things to do.

    Here's another Software Development process that I came up with and it is what I do for my personal Filmer software Beta Testers.

    We have us a Video chat where I can see what the User is doing with my own eyes. If I can see it with my own eyes... then I'll for sure find the problem in no time. Any issue that any of my Beta Testers have had... I tracked it down in less than three minutes and had them up and running.

    Let me know if any of this stuff doesn't make any sense or if anything that has been suggested doesn't work for you but at least for now, your paging file system trick sounds like a pretty cool idea.

    Thanks very much for sharing that... can't believe that I forgot about the Paging system... wow... I'm a Nerd.

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    @Wiertekk Just to further add more detail beyond what @spydurhank just laid down: Virtual memory is what we used to call "swap space". Its purpose is to hold out space on the hard drive to shunt off data from Ram that isn't being used at the moment, freeing up physical Ram to load up what the OS/Software is asking for at the time.

    On low memory systems (which is not your case), this can allow you to push the envelope and run programs that need more Ram than you actually have. But at the expense of I/O to the disk and back to Ram. As you can imagine, this severely slows things down if you have actual spinning disk (HDD). With the advent of SSD (which in its own way is essentially more random access storage - akin to Ram), the swapping of data back and forth between the disk and Ram is not as noticeable and you can get away with it up to a point.

    Also, some lower end GPU's will allow you to use physical Ram as additional VRAM. This is similar to swap space but doesn't involve the system drive. At that point you are at the mercy of the motherboard's buss speed to shunt data back and forth.

    In the end, for video work you want a GPU with plenty of VRAM, especially if you are planning on doing effects and editing in 4K. A hefty CPU and SSD for the OS will also punch up performance.

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    Thanks! It's useful information.