Since the new update is broken and unusable for many people

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Will you be issuing refunds?


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    You have the option to go back to the last stable version for your build. Unless you brought pro in the last x number of days then you might get a refund. Raise a support ticket request.

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    Maybe they should acknowledge that the update is broken so people can decide if it's worth the time updating.
    That's usually what software companies do when there are major issues with an update/patch.
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    The fact is is working fine for a lot of users, you just don't hear about it because they are the ones not having issues. Only Fxhome knows the scale of the issue and I suspect given the low numbers of forum traffic on the subject it is only affecting a few unlucky users.

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    To build on what @Andy001z wrote, the vast majority of users aren't having these issues. We both were in the beta test pool and the issues being found by some users didn't arise for us over several months of testing.

    It's frustrating for the affected users, but it's also no exaggeration to say there are literal millions of hardware combinations that can run Hitfilm and millions of other potential conflicts between other software packages. No company, no matter how large can test for every possible conflict and problem in hundreds of millions of lines of code with millions of potential hardware/software conflict.

    Issues do happen, and, yes, it does suck, but the most helpful thing affected users can do is answer the questions posed in the support sticky to provide the devs with information to narrow down the issue so they can work on a fix.

    This happens with other software as well. Doing a Google search for "After Effects 2021 broken" will bring up user complaints that Track Mattes aren't working, the Viewer Panel hangs, that renders crash, that Timeline Caching is slow and that Ae has unexplained crashes... Except for the Track Mattes (Hitfilm's Set Mattes are fine), you'll see a small subset of Ae users are having the same issues as the small subset of Hitfilm users.

    Now, Adobe DOES maintain a list of known issues and known fixes for those issues, and it would be helpful for FXhome to have a similar list, but FXhome is a much smaller company (Adobe has roughly five times as many Ae devs as FXhome has in the entire company, based on my last known count of FXhome Staff from about Jan of 2021. I know FXhome is expanding their team, but the point is Abode has waaaaay more people to do things like maintain a public bug list), so I don't know if it's feasible for FXhome to task someone for that.

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    A fancy name for Shill.

    Is Hitfilm having a friendly competition with Filmora for who can break their software with udates?
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    @jbr88 Shill? Yeah, not really, but, if you'd like, we can have a conversation about things I don't like in Hitfilm or want to see improved.

    I actually try to advocate for the user base as much as I can with the devs. I've beta tested for years, and I can say when testing for the current version another tester and I had some arguments with the devs on RAM preview vs Timeline Cache, when testing version 16, I spent an entire week putting together a case for FXhome NOT changing certain things in handling of 3D models ("lost" the RAM preview argument "won" the 3D argument), and am currently embarked on a doomed battle to remove the "Do Not Show Again" boxes from certain pop-up alerts because new users dismiss the box - which ends up setting default behaviors for the software that Ambassadors and Mods and other users then have to explain to those users how to reset because they don't know they've set a default, but it's not the behavior they want.

    We could talk about how Hitfilm's audio editing really needs improvement, or how annoyed the subscribers to my tutorial channel are when I revealed I edit my Hitfilm tutorials in Vegas Pro. If you decide Hitfilm isn't for you, I'll give you links to several other free editors to try.

    I do genuinely love Hitfilm, but I'll be honest about where it's weak, and what I DON'T like about it. Audio editing is barely acceptable, the Timeline really needs Markers, a multicam mode would be welcome, I prefer RAM preview to the Timeline Cache, handling of slo-mo is an unintuive PITA, VST support should be added, there's a render bug with 3D models in 16/32-bit color space that's ticked me off since v15, and a bug where environment wraps are rotated 180° from where they should be, requiring additional steps to correct. There needs to be a pitch shift feature to correct audio issues arising from speeding/slowing footage, I've been waiting for the promised updates to the Media Bin for two years, and Action Pro (not Hitfilm, but designed to aid with animation in Hitfilm) was so mishandled FXhome discontinued it, but are at least letting current license holders keep the broken software.

    I could go on about Hitfilm issues.

    That said, your joke about Hitfilm and Filmora trying to break their software - you just proved the entire point of my above post - namely that any software is prone to bugs and that it's literally impossible to test every hardware/software combination.

    Go ahead and Google Hitfilm, Filmora, Ae, Premiere, Blender, Resolve, etc and add the word "broken" or "buggy" to the search. For every program you'll find results - recent results and pretty much results for every release.

    Now - do you think After Effects would have survived for 30 years and become so dominant in the industry of every version was truly a broken, buggy mess, or is it that very small proportions of users?

    Do you think the Hitfilm devs are sitting around cackling, "Look at the broken stuff we pawned off this time?" or that they're all very annoyed that new issues cropped up after testing that they really really want to fix, but need new data for? There are certain new features in HF 2021.2 that were being tested in summer, 2020 and held back for a year to get working correctly. I know. I tested them.

    There's a certain proportion of new users experiencing issues because they didn't read the required specs, or didn't understand them, like the one user complaining HF 2021.2 broke on his system. Turned out his machine was built in 2010. Looking at the minimum specs for Hitfilm, those all rely on 2013 or more recent hardware. This user, of course, didn't appreciate that earlier versions of Hitfilm ran on his under-spec hardware. Another recent user complained about slowdown in 2021.2. It's partly due to the new Timeline Cache, which, by definition is constantly accessing the drive. This user put the cache folders on the same drive as the project media and that drive is a USB external HDD - which is totally unsuitable for video editing.

    I said, above, millions of combinations of hardware/software which can cause incompatibility? No joke. The 10th/11th gen processors from Intel? 63 different CPUs that work with Hitfilm. Tom's hardware ranked the 73 models of Nvidia, AMD and Intel GPUs currently in production. Just the last two generations of Intel CPU and in-production GPUs give 4599 combinations. We haven't begun to delve into all the different types of RAM (by DDR3, DDR5, DDR5 and their varied clock rates), or all the different SSDs (is your SSD one with a 480MBps read/write speed, or a 3600MBps read/write speed), motherboards or anything else. We haven't looked at all the other CPUs and GPUs (and other tech). Add in the 47 AMD CPUs of the last two generations and we get another 3055 combos. 7654 viable CPU/GPU combinations just looking at the 2020 and 2021 CPU releases with GPUs. Yes I backed out the Intel GPUs from the AMD+GPU calculation. We don't need to. It's really difficult, if not impossible, to test the 7654 CPU/GPU combos of the last two Intel/AMD generations and current GPUs.

    Plus possible software conflicts. OS issues, known conflicts with Dell Backup and a couple of Virus Scanners, etc, etc, etc.

    Oh, right, the users wondering why HF 2021.1 had issues with the Win 11 Beta - which didn't exist when HF 2021.1 was released, so how could it be tested for compatibility to begin with?

    Speaking of Win 11, go search out "Windows 11 bugs." Win 11 has bad memory leaks from the FILE BROWSER, broken compatibility with Killer Networking, the Taskbar doesn't update correctly, windows lag when dragged, and Windows Update can corrupt a Win 10 to 11 upgrade. Wait, the file browser, windowing display, network controller, Taskbar and updater are all broken? Those are all the most used and utter core features of the OS?

    Microsoft might be winning the competition to break their software faster than HF or Filmora.

    Then we have all the users who come in saying they have an issue but don't provide any information about hardware or video files. Which wastes the time of an Ambassador/Mod (we're unpaid volunteers, BTW) or Staff member having to ask the same list of questions over and over.

    Which goes back to, yeah, there seem to be a couple of bugs uncaught in 2021.1. Providing accurate hardware and video information is what's needed for the devs to work on the issue.

    You have yet to provide any information on your system specs or problem files to attempt to give the devs more information. There's a sticky on that.

    You can download prior builds of Hitfilm Express here.

    You can download prior builds of Hitfilm Pro here. As you've not even mentioned which version of Hitfilm you use, I've had to provide both links.

    Link to contact Support about refunds was given above.

    Below are several links to alternate, free, NLEs.

    If I seem a little heated, I am. As stated before I am not FXhome Staff, but an unpaid volunteer. If you were to click through to my profile and check my comments, you'll see I answer a LOT of user questions and provide a large number of tips and techniques. Literally more than twice as much as any other user on this forum. I'm active on the FXhome Discord and Reddit, and Moderate three different HF Facebook groups, on my own time, from a desire to help the community get the most out of the software, learn good practices for editing and VFX, and learn what I can from other users. Just in the last two days I had a user on Reddit who wanted to do an ASCII art look. Hitfilm doesn't do that, so I found that user two free programs and one online converter for the effect, and wrote a feature request thread for an ASCII art filter, then linked that to the user so they could vote up. My Hitfilm University YouTube page aggregates the largest list of tutorial channels into Playlists to help people find how to use the software, and, hopefully, help the other creators grow their audience, so, yeah, I'm a little offended to be dismissed as a "shill."

    I've provided you with download links for prior versions of the software, customer support and alternate software options. At the moment, that's all I can do to help you. If you provide specifics of your hardware, problematic video files and the specific issues you have with the software, I'll do what I can to help you resolve them, or refer you to Support if I can't. Otherwise, nothing else I can do.

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    Well said @Triem23. As a fellow "shill," I approve! 😂

    “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” - Anonymous

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    Good reply Triem23. I even looked at Davinci Resolve and it's entry to acceptance (run) is even higher than Hitfilm, so that was out, and that's JUST for the CPU, let alone anything else if I recall, despite being a free program.

    Ultimately, it was Hitfilm that offered what it does, for free, and can run on older PC's if need be (within reason) and while my setup is not ideal, it does the job OK, and to be honest, I didn't even expect to be still using my current PC as it was bought as a short term gap to replacing a dying PC, a first gen Core i7 from Dell, bought new in 2009, who's had essentially a heart transplant 2 years in (all new MB from EVGA), just moved the original 920 Core i7 over to it, and the memory, then the CD drive went, the USB/card reader died, twice and finally the original 10 YO WD HDD was dying as sectors were dropping like flies and Vista (yes) was now off support and was becoming corrupt due to dying HD, however, we had to contend with Covid 19 and the fallout of that (unemployment) so am stuck with the current PC (a Dell 9020 SFF that was picked so it can then move into my living room and be a more discrete PC for audio use and thankfully it has Windows 10 Pro as no need to worry about obsolescence of the OS for now as Win7 went off support not long after its purchase anyway.

    The fact that I can edit with it and can make it work under a less than ideal situation, I got my YT channel going, and it's gaining, albeit slowly subscribers and that's saying something I think. Could I make it better? Yes, it's called seeing where the cache is being saved and move that to a better drive if needed and replace the used internal HDD with a new SSD eventually for scratch discs and/or cache use will help things, but only up to a point until I can gain employment and can begin to save up to do a total upgrade of the PC.

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    To everyone that feels that the latest update (2021.2) is "broken", please contact support.

    @jbr88 Sorry if you feel this update is not good enough. If you contact support, you can discuss ways to get it to work, rollback to a previous version or ask for a refund if you so wish.

    We honestly worked really hard on this update for months, delayed the release several times to get it right and as best quality as possible. Some machines however seem to not work as expected and we need all the data if we want to have a chance at fixing it in the next release. Please contact support for all these new issues in the latest release.