Hitfilm Pro 2021.2 crashes when using the viewer controls

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I was learning how to use the software using a 7 second clip. I was using the viewer controls to go frame by frame. Nothing was wrong for a while until after several times of doing that, it crashes unexpectedly. Here's my sytem specs:

Dell Inspirion 5675

Device name DESKTOP-9DIPF4P

Processor AMD A10-9700 RADEON R7, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G  3.50 GHz

Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.90 GB usable): ** Added another 8 GB RAM to get 16 GB RAM**

Device ID 0164A0B3-BDE6-4EF9-AD57-7A26D86F3145

Product ID 00325-81063-57510-AAOEM

System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Edition Windows 10 Home

Version 21H1

Installed on ‎2/‎20/‎2021

OS build 19043.1237

Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0