Need to reduce the tendency for the video and audio to move and down in the timeline

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This is more of a nusence than anything else is when I'm trying to do things on the timeline like sliding edits or adding a clip etc, or even an effect like a dissolve or even color grade causes the video portion of the timeline to move up and down, how to reduce this, or lock it so it can't move until I need it to?

I run the latest Hitfilm Express 2021.2, which as you discovered has issues all its own but this has been an issue since I first downloaded Hitfilm in August (2021.1).

Computer is the Dell Optiplex 9020 with the 5470 Core i5 processor and 16G of RAM

NVIDIA Geforce 610 GT (yes, I realize this is bouncing along at the very bottom of barrel as far as minimum specs go but not the issue here)

Windows 10 Pro, V. 21HI Build # 190431 1237.

Don't recall this being an issue with 2021.1, but definitely is in 2021.2 whereby when I move a clip, the video portion where I'm dragging moved up/down and don't want it to and I'm not even touching the scroll wheel. As long as I hold down the left button this occurs until I get it in place and release the button, then it locks and I can scroll as needed. Does the same for the audio too. Very annoying and is there a way to lock it so it does not do this when shifting stuff around on the timeline?

I just did a look-see and didn't see any option that I know of for this and right now, am trying to sync up my B roll to the main footage/audio and as I move it left or right, the video portion of the timeline keeps moving up/down and at times, the B roll scoots up to video 3 and it's very, very annoying.

Any suggestions?



  • TheBenNorris
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    Can you send us a screenshot of the interface where you're experiencing these issues? I'd be interested to see the size of your UI and workspace.

  • littlehausbigcity
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    Actually, I think I figured it out, somehow the timeline size got changed and instead of showing all three timelines for video, and one for audio, it was causing the issue as I am editing a 2 camera project and using a single 2 channel mono audio, so video 1 is the GoPro footage with good audio, then I dropped the Canon into video `2, and most of the graphics are in V3 when the Canon footage (B Roll or camera 2) resides, then the graphics are in V3. Having all three show when I resize the top of the timeline is raised by half an inch, the line between video/audio down half an inch solved the issue. Somehow that all got changed at some point apparently.