HitFilm Express 2021.2 is Broken!

RowanColeman Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

Is anyone else having huge problems with HitFilm Express 2021.2? I updated earlier this week and it's completely broken. It won't let me re-open my older project files and it won't import any video files at all, even the ones it's supposed to support. All it says is, "Encountered an Unexpected Error."

I've tried everything: Re-installing the software; moving my video files to a different location; using proxies; not using proxies; running my footage through a converter; making sure all my drivers are up to date; even rolling back my drivers; clearing memory etc etc. Nothing works!

I know my system matches the requirements so I have no clue what the problem is. If anyone else is having problems or knows of a fix or even where I can download the older version, please let me know.