Error when connected to external monitor via Targus Dock Station

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Whenever I connect my PC to the Targus Dock Station, Hitfilm express no longer startup.

If my PC is not docked, hitfilm express works

If my PC is docked, but I'm also using my PC display alongside other monitors, hitfilm express works

If my PC is docked and I'm not using the native display (i.e. I close the lid of my PC) which means I'm only using external monitors, hitfilm express won't start-up.


  • Ady
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    @TechWhyse - I don't really have any knowledge of Targus Dock stations and neither do we test using them. But it seems you've identified the issue. Did you upload the crash dump for us, we can then investigate what might be going on.

    NOTE: I edited your thread title to give further info about the issue and to remove the caps. :)

  • fxhomer262399
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    Found this thread lurking on the internet search. I also thought I'd add that I have also got that error message when me the laptop is plugged into the lenovo thinkpad hybrid usb-c docking station. Both me asus and dell laptops feature similar errors/prompt. Sometimes it shows the pop-up system requirements is not good enough when plugged to the dock. When unplugged from dock, it seems to fire up ok.

    So i plugged to the laptops hdmi port and I'll be able to use only 1 monitor + 1 laptop screen. Perhaps my laptops specs are already at the most minimum so the added dock connection consumed a resource that hitfilm deems insufficient.