How to apply 360 Viewer to imported 360 video

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Hi, I am new to Hitfilm Express, and have a 360 video that I imported that I would like to turn into a VR compatible video. When I try dragging the 360 Viewer effect onto the video in the timeline, there is a "no symbol" and it will not apply. Attached is a screenshot of my workspace as I try to drag on the effect. Any help would be very appreciated!

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  • krishd3
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    You need to have a composite shot of the video, to make the filter work.

    Because all filters containing *(Layer Only)*, only works in composite shots.

    Hope this solves your problem!

  • Triem23
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    You are on the Editor Timeline. If you see "[Layer Only] on an effect - like the 360° Viewer, that means it can only be applied in a Composite Shot.

    Right click the clip, choose" Make Composite Shot" and reapply the effect.

    In older versions the 360° Viewer was called "Environment Map Viewer." This tutorial will show you how the filter works.