Effects Controls keeps getting selected. Need help.

S0Nyy Posts: 4 Just Starting Out
Recently updated from 15.2 to the latest version (17) and I just noticed that whenever I cut something with added effects like Drop Shadow in the timeline, the effects panel automatically gets selected, meaning pressing V doesn't work and I had to click again in the timeline.
My video editing heavily relies on multiple C and V presses, and this significantly slowed me down. Is there an option for me to make it back like it was in 15.2, where I can cut multiple times in the timeline without getting sent to the effects?
Thanks in advance.

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  • TheBenNorris
    TheBenNorris Posts: 2,042 Staff

    @S0Nyy this shouldn't ever happen, I don't believe anything actually forces the effects panel to become focused. Could you perhaps provide some screenshots or a recording showing the issue so we can see?

  • FilmSensei
    FilmSensei Posts: 3,126 Expert
    edited October 2021

    @TheBenNorris I can confirm that is is happening. I put a Text onto the Editor Timeline, then I was able to use the C and V keys to slice and move that Text without losing focus on the Editor Timeline. However, when I put a Drop Shadow Effect on the Text, as soon as I perform a Slice, the focus shifts not to the Effects Panel, but to the Controls Tab.