Ground Beam | Sci-fi Short film

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So I made this minute-long short film using blender and hitfilm express, and I hope you all like it.


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    I loved it! Sequel?

    I thought your lighting and compositing looked great!

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    Very cool!

    Some unsolicited advice, get some reference photos of other ground beams for tips on lighting effects. Consider that the beam is basically a super large light source that will not only affect the area around it, but the camera lens as well. Here are some examples:

    In most cases, as the beam is a giant light source, the camera will try to either expose for the beam (in which you'll see more color and detail in it, but it will darken the rest of the image), or expose for the environment (in which the beam will appear closer and closer to white and desaturated), unless there is a color cast over the entire image (like in lord of the rings, and transformers.