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I know that the hardware requirements for Hitfilm state a 4th generation Intel or better but is anyone using an earlier CPU generation with success?



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    @Manhit If a pre-4th gen computer only has integrated graphics, stop right there. It will not work on the latest versions of HitFilm. No older chips have integrated graphics that are supported by HitFilm and we’ve seen time and time again that people cannot use integrated graphics older than the HD 5000 (which began use in some 4th gen CPUs).

    If the old computer has dedicated graphics that are within spec, you MIGHT be able to swing it with a slightly older Core i-series CPU. However, you are not officially supported and if it ends up not working, we can’t really help you. It’s also worth noting that even if version 16 works, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the next version will work. It could break with any update.

    HitFilm 11 and 12.3 are the last builds that were a bit more forgiving with the specs. But even they won’t love hardware older than about 10 years old.

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    Hi @triforcefx,

    Thanks for your comment. The system I was looking at was a 3rd generation i7 paired with a GTX 1060 6GB card for a very reasonable price given the market for GPUs at the present time. If there isn't anything specific in the coding preventing this generation of CPU from working I think it is worth a go. Thanks again!

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    @Manhit In that case, you are probably fine. At the very least, you should be fully in spec to run up to HF 12 (spec changed at 13), almost certainly up to 15 (certain “soft-limit” specs became “hard-limit” specs in 16), and possibly the latest releases (16+).

    We don’t have enough data about 3rd gen cards paired with otherwise compatible hardware and OS to give you a guarantee, but if you’re willing to take on the risk, it just might be worth it.