Help - Error " asset is offline and will not rendered"

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I am trying to export a file but it says the asset is offline and will not rendered.can someone help me what I should do ,thank you

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  • tddavis
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    @hannasfaw I have never seen that error message before, but it sounds to me like you may have moved or deleted a media file on/from your computer after creating your project., but that is only a guess. For reference in case you are unaware, Hitfilm does not store media in the project file, rather it links to it in whatever location it is stored and retrieves it when you reopen a project. You will get a warning of missing media when you reopen a project, but not sure what it might say if you move media while the project is still open in Hitfilm. Hope this leads you to what is going on, or someone else knows what that message is about.

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    Yes, sounds like the file was moved or deleted, agreed. If the file was just moved, you should be able to relink it. I think you just right click on the file in the media panel, choose relink, and then navigate to the file. This procedure tells Hitfilm where the file is currently located.

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    That sounds like Media Offline in the preview panel of Premiere Pro, is it something related to the preview panel of Hitfilm?

    Or it just doesn't play the file in the timeline.

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    Hi, I did a test, renaming the file that I had on the editor timeline. This is the error I got once I changed it's name (which I could only do once the project was closed.

    Is this what you are seeing? If not can you screen shot it.

    This is the error in the export queue

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    @Andy001z post clearly shows the problem, The problem is well described in this article:-