Why is this embedded composite shot burred, and how can I get it sharp?

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I have a 320x160px composite shot, and I am trying to show it on top of another composite shot at 1920x1080px. Neither is scaled.

The composite shot itself is sharp (at 320x160), but inside the editor on top of the other one, it comes out completely blurred out.

Sometimes, when I hold the video still for long enough in the Viewer, it will sharpen, but when I play, it is always blurred, and when export, it is, too.

I have tried exporting losslessly to AVI. That's as bad (and the audio is hacked then). Antialiasing Mode is the smallest it can be, 4xMSAA.

This is the composite shot itself (1 exported frame):

And this is the combined image.

(Image removed per author's request - Phil)

The embedded picture is blurry beyond recognition.

How can I fix this?

Hitfilm Express version is 2021.1 . I have a NVIDIA GeForce 960X.

Please help.


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    Hi @fxhomer154907, it seems there's some resolution mismatch whithin the comp or the Editor timeline. I'd suggest you to check that:

    1) Your PIP comp shot has the desired resolution (not the actual file, but the comp itself). It seems to me that the smaller comp has a resolution of 1080 and Hitfilm is trying to upscale the 360 video into a 1080 comp.

    2) Your main comp has the desired resolution (1920x1080).

    3) Your project has correct the final resolution, which I assume it's also 1080.

    It should work just fine.

    You can always try creating both comps at 1080, just placing the smaller video on the appropriate corner of its 1080 comp and then stacking both comps one over the other. But the first approach mentioned above should work.

    I'd also suggest not to export as uncompressed AVI. It's a waste of disk space and most disks don't even have enough bandwidth to manage that HUGE throughput. I'd stick to Cineform, which works great :)

    Hope this helps!

    Although it seems you're recording some Azure lab learning course, I'd suggest you change the screenshot as the storage account name is visible (no big deal, but...)

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    Hello dear Planck constant, thank you for trying to help, but no, it didn't help. The smaller comp is 360x180 (and not 1080). But I have in other contexts scaled this resolution to 1080, and it looked good, by far not as blurred as here. The larger comp here is is 1080. The project is also 1080. The two comps are stacked on top of each other exactly at the resolution they are, unscaled. The peculiarity of this case is that both comps come from the same footage, just cut out from different parts of the original. And the smaller comp is not always at the same position within the larger frame, but will move around. I have only exported to AVI experimentally to try out if that would be any better, my real target is a youtube preset.
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    @fxhomer154907 this looks very peculiar, could you send us the project if possible so we can look into this? www.fxhome.com/ask

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    @TheBenNorris, thank you very much for your interest. I have already made a ticket for this issue, ID is HPU-407329 , and under that, have been in discussion with another FXHome staff member, Phil Wesson. The last exchange was that he recommended a certain export preset, which I tried and it didn't help. A link to the example project is posted there, you should be able to find it.