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Hey everyone,

Is the Mocha Pro included in Hitfilm Pro the same as it would be when I go to the website and buy the original 2021 Version? It would be just another reason to buy Hitfilm Pro


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    Hitfilm Pro does NOT come with "Mocha Pro."

    Hitfilm Pro comes with "Mocha Hitfilm," which is a special, cut down version of Mocha that features the roto (Shape) and Camera Solve modules and that's it...

    Mocha Pro ALSO has the Insert, Remove, Lens Correction, Mega Plate and PowerMesh tools that are NOT in Mocha Hitfilm.

    Mocha Pro comes in several versions. To run Mocha Pro in Hitfilm Pro you want the Mocha Pro OFX version.

    Mocha Pro will be a more recent version than Mocha Hitfilm. Mocha Hitfilm tends to be a version behind.