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    Um, I gotta just say one more thing...FUD as a cheese, cream and meats.? Kraft cheese rings a bell. Now that's a scary thought.

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    I have been a HitFilm fan since 2016, and I believe Josh and the team will do their best to maintain the current form of business.

    I can understand fully why there is a need for the acquisition, and I fully agree with the decision.

    As long as the software is around, rest assured that I will be around too.

    All the best to the new era and hope to see more new features added to the software soon.

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    I'd prefer Hitfilm keeps the current you buy it to own forever system. If Hitfilm goes subscription, I'll evaluate if the offer still meets my needs if/when that happens.

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    Thank you Josh.

    However, please let us know about things. Please don’t stay silent, be too secretive. Otherwise we, the customer, will get worried.

    So please keep us informed as much as you can.

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    Aaaahh @IamJoshuaDavies ... "Times of Change"... " ... "FXhome's Summer is coming"... errr... and so on 😅... anyway...

    I didn't see this coming but after some "investigations" all of it confirmed why I'm optimistic because you agreed with Artlist because they have the same "spirit". I think this is the right decision at the right time with the right people.

    The HitFilm World will change once again as it did before but it's philosophy never will. Josh made sure of it.

    All i see is unlimited awesomeness for the future of all of us.

  • IamJoshuaDavies
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    @Dewr @RikVargard We'll keep you guys in the loop. Product updates are on the way :)

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    I am excited to see what changes get implemented moving forward once the game plan is decided. I expect good things to happen moving forward.

  • Dewr
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    Thank you again Josh.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens.

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    I won't say I'm not concerned, but I'm certainly not upset, I just hate change, I have no idea what is coming, but no matter how we look at it FXHome is getting new drivers, we all like the the fleet of drivers and mechanics who BUILT this machine, and I for one take my hat off to them for the years of hard work represented in FXHome.

    I just hope the new drivers respect the work and vison of the builders.

  • domenicschrder
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    I myself are slightly concerned honestly, since it appears certain things are already slipping silently. For example the promised update for June 2021 has yet to be seen. It was heavily advertised in the "Extend now!!!!1111" advertisement sent out in April. Promising glorious things like:

    Lightning-fast editing

    You'll get faster playback than ever before with new Timeline render caching! Watch your videos back on the editor timeline in real-time without compromising quality.

    New effects, animations, and transitions

    You'll create engaging titles and credits with new, easy-to-use animations and transitions. Add new realistic Glow effects for additional flair.

    FBX camera import/export

    You'll be able to import and export your animated camera movement between HitFilm and other 3D software, including Unreal. Perfect for a fast workflow.

    However, it's still not here. Neither could i find any announcement it was postponed, etc. It was extensively used to "encourage" people to buy the extension to their Hitfilm upgrade plan. Care to quell some concerns?

  • CedricBonnier
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    @domenicschrder Rest assured that this update is still coming.

    It is a big update and during our testing we have found some unexpected issues and it takes time to fix them. We have always tried to publish any updates with the best quality that we can and unfortunately this sometimes mean delaying a release.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding

  • TonyCee
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    Hi @domenicschrder

    These updates do exist and I can assure you the devs are doing their absolute best to solve the problems @CedricBonnier brings up, it's not about "things are already slipping silently" I promise you, they're making sure to deliver on what is promised. :)

  • domenicschrder
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    I that case i will rest assured and continue spending money with FXhome for the time being, hower i do recommend either holding off on using update-promises as a means of promotion or at the very least announce delays, it would certainly go a long way to make sure the community is up to speed on what is going on. (Frankly, option 1 is my stronger recommendation, don't build up anticipation, if for very valid quality-concerns you cannot deliver on the promise)

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    I'm a Beta Tester for FXhome and I honestly can't stand bugs... I always do my best to help the Devs squash em'. I'm a little obsessive though and when I find a bug, I nag and nag and nag the Devs about it and, it normally takes them from an hour in some instances to a few days to fix the bug. Some bugs are obviously a bit more complicated than others but the Devs... they're only human and work as fast as they can. The better that we the Beta Testers can more accurately communicate to the Devs... the faster things get done. I myself don't make guesses when it comes to bugs, I don't like making guesses so I give the info that they need to go for the throat of the bug and kill it.

    Can't speak for anyone else but I've spent several days back to back with no sleep while trying to help squash bugs. I can stay awake for three days without a problem but after 7 days with no sleep... I just crash because I start hallucinating. I don't get paid to do it at all, but I'll stay awake for a good long while to find and squash a bug. I'm sure the Devs work just as hard.

    Without giving away too much... all the cool new toys that you mentioned are being worked on for sure... and hey... you're gonna love the fbx camera exporter and importer. Do the new toys need some tweaking to work flawlessly? Yes... yes they do.

    Just sit back and be patient for just a bit longer and let the Devs do their thing. the rest of us Beta testers are doing our part. All you've gotta do is sit back and watch the magic happen.

    Now... time to go kill some bugs ya'll! 😀

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    any news about ai roto?

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    That already comes in Mocha Pro in Hitfilm Pro, Express version does has it too, you just need to buy it.

  • Arpit
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    @gamergamesz Than it will be surely something amazing.

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    Yeah nah... I don't fancy being continually nagged into buying a royalty-free music subscription, nor do I like the line in the press release about how Artlist trying to be the next Adobe.
    Between this and HFE 2021.2 being horrible (slow *and* buggy), it might be a good time for me to move on to a new video editing package.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    PS this forum software blows too. How hard can it be to make paragraphs work properly?
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    Anyone who can afford to buy a BMD Cinema Camera can afford to buy an NLE like Final Cut Pro, VEGAS Pro, or HitFilm Pro. Resolve is basically a value add.

    I noticed Ignite Pro is gone from the website, so I'm guessing that product line is dead now?

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    $25/mo. is a bad pricing segment as that's basically more than the cost of a Premiere Pro or After Effects Single App subscription. Many people who would consider it are either looking to edit or for a cheaper VFX alternative to After Effects.

    As much as some dislike Adobe's business model (dropping perpetual licenses), their pricing is a gatekeeper because those products are well-supported and heavily developed. If you're going to charge as much as a Premiere Pro or After Effects subscription, I need to see equivalent development and innovation - otherwise, I will always default to Adobe.

    That would be the same situation as VEGAS pushing the 365 so hard (making it the default when you go to the purchase page, etc.). I will never subscribe to VEGAS Pro for $19.99/mo. (Annual Commitment) when I can get Premiere Pro for literally the same price.

    Beyond that, Final Cut Pro + Motion 5 and Resolve Studio (incl. Fusion Studio) act as pricing gatekeepers for perpetual licenses.

    Even at a discounted price, HitFilm Pro is still practically the same price as Resolve Studio (for me), and I don't think FXHome really hit a sweet spot with the pricing. In fact, it seems the pricing has done nothing but gone up while development has been slowing down.

    No one is locked out of their work, as most industry software has a way to get data out of those applications. Hell, you can directly open Premiere Pro or After Effects projects in some other applications - or at least export them to an interoperable format.

    In practice, having your projects in HFP format is actually more locked down than Premiere Pro XML projects - ironically. If a Widnows or macOS upgrade breaks your version of HFP, what are you going to do then? For Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. you can just import the project into a number of other solutions (like Resolve Studio) just as you can export projects to FCPXML or PrPXML.

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    @iNate regarding Ignite, @OliThompson posted the following on Nov 8.

    "We've removed Ignite from the FXhome website as of this update. We’re working hard on improving a number of things including the plugin tech, effect variety, quality, and support. Keep an eye on your emails for upcoming plugin news - you'll definitely be interested in what we're working on 😄"

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    In my account I read:

    'Ignite Pro is no longer for sale, so unless you have already purchased a license then you will be unable to activate.' 'Action Pro is no longer for sale, so unless you have already purchased a license then you will be unable to activate.'

  • Triem23
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    @HJvanderVeen correct, Action Pro is discontinued. Action Pro used certain third party tech which ended up going out of support and, ultimately, impeded progress on the product. I have no idea if Action Pro will return in some form.

    Ignite is currently unavailable for sale, but, again, Oli's post implies it will return, or be replaced with an improved product. As Oli is FXhome Staff, I can merely paste in his words and say "Wait and see."

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    Ironcially, this was the year I had decided to upgrade my HFE to HFP. I waited for a holiday sale which never came? Honestly, seemed worse than waiting up all night for Santa.

    Now I can only wonder if they didn't want me to buy it? Are they so flush with funds that a holiday sale is useless, or did they not want a whole bunch of new licenses for a depricated or soon to be product?

    I'm not a fan of ultimatums, but I will bow out if they go sub.

    I've been a HF fan for a lot of years, so I'm concerned about the lack of interest in updates. There's been effectively nothing for 6 months?

    At this point, even gingerbread house crumbs would be welcome? :D


  • zaubermac
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    Ok, last post, I'm not beating this to death, but what gives?

    It's officially over 6 months since your last status update. The website has become a time capsule, talking about the joy of VFX in 2021.

    I've been here since version 2 and I'm so pulling for you guys. But, if something doesn't shake loose soon, I'm just going to get Resolve and get back to work. I wish I was better funded, but I can't put the funds into something that I can't see a path forward. For years I always assumed that path was HFP, now I wait and wonder.

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    Something interesting is happening here. Since there is no information from the developers about the development and the new version of HitFilm, I started looking for information on Artlist. The curiosity is that on their website there is only one for Davinci Resolve?!?! I get the impression that Artlist don't have any future plans with HitFilm.

    There is no logic in directing users to software other than the one you have acquired.

  • TheBenNorris
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    @assensy we are actively working on new versions of HitFilm as we speak. Due to a lot of important infrastructure changes, it means there isn't as much cool stuff to talk about, but nonetheless we are working on HitFilm, and it is not being abandoned.