[ENHANCEMENT] Effects search without word typing order (ie Fill Color/Color Fill) (ADDED HF 2021.3)

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When compositing, I usually remember the effects names I use most often, but sometimes I'm unsure about the exact name of some of them, ie Color Fill or Fill Color.

At the moment, unless you start typing the exact name in the search bar, the effect won't appear. It happens to me most of the time with the Fill Color effect. When I start typing Color F.. it shows nothing. So it's then when I remember the name is Fill Color and start typing again :)

I know It's no big deal, but it would be nice to add some wildcard-style search internally that when you write some words in the search bar, it searches whether it's the first word of the name of the effect or not:


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    Odd, because there is some fuzzy logic in the Effects search - in some cases even keeping old names for features that changed before the Search was added: Example, the "360° Viewer" used to be called "Environment Map Viewer." It'll still come up in the search by typing "ENV" without even finishing the word.

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    @Triem23 That's interesting. Sounds like there are some hidden tags somewhere in the code

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    @laconstantedeplanck this is a good catch! Unfortunately, someone internally has already caught it and I fixed it, so hopefully this should be sorted in an upcoming version.

    Whilst we are on the topic of the search, I'll break down the way it works in case anyone finds this in the future.

    • A search is split into "terms" and "operators". Terms are phrases, and the operators are the symbols used for more complex searches. (This enhancement is fixed by using spaces to separate terms too).
    • Each term is evaluated independently, by comparing with the effect name and a selection of keywords (such as environment for the 360 viewer).
    • The return from each individual term is then combined based on the operators to give you the final result!

    Would knowing the keywords for an effect actually be beneficial information perhaps?

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    @TheBenNorris I think having those keywords available would be helpful. Maybe an appendix in the manual? @AxelWilkinson would soooo love the work. (joke).

    I think you typo'd, above. How is it "UNfortunate" a dev caught something and you fixed it? 😉

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    Just wanted to confirm that, as @TheBenNorris wrote, this issue has been implemented in HitFilm. Thank you so much!

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