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I have Hitfilm Pro 11. What do I upgrade to. I think if I get Hitfilm, I get ignite too. I don't need iMerge. Any suggestions.


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    Hitfilm Pro and Ignite are two different applications. Yes, they are packaged together in the store, but keep reading..

    If you upgrade from 11 you go to the most current version which is currently 16.

    The specifics : https://fxhome.com/product/hitfilm-pro

    Question... Do you actually have a need for Ignite?

    FYI- Ignite is a plugin for other applications such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion 5, Vegas, DaVinci Resolve...

    The specifics: https://fxhome.com/product/ignite-pro

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    Hi, it is a good time to take up the offer as there is an update expected at some point soon. And with your 12months of free updates you will get this update included.