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Working on a folding origami inspired transition. I thought the idea would work but has turned out to be way more trouble than it's worth. But I'm in too deep to not finish it for the video I'm working. But the general idea is just using set matte on planes being manipulated by points. All 3D of course. I figure I will fold them then maybe end it with the page turn effect from clever tagline. If I iron out the kinks and finish it will post it here, but here is the gist.


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    I can see where you're going with the proof of concept.

    A couple of thoughts.

    Let's assume you're working at 1920x1080 for the moment.

    One media holder comp. Load video transitiining out here.

    Four panel holder Comps, 960x540. Each has a copy of the media holder shifted X/Y to be a quarter of the image.

    In your fold comp add an Ambient light, intensity 100 and a point light, intensity 0. As the panels pull back and start to fold, raise the point intensity, drop the ambient. Get some cast shadows going.

    Once the four-fold finishes zoom into the last panel so it's full screen and do your page turn.

    I think you can get a pretty interesting transition this way.

    Consider stacking a second set of panels behind your video image. Treat it like the media holder/panel set up for the video but use a paper texture. Push these back 2 pixels from the video panels and Shift your panel points back 1 pixel. Basically you want the pivots 1 pixel behind the video, 1 in front of the paper. Too close together to see the two layers, but as the image folds you'll see "the back of the photo."

    You could probably faff about with parallax or Displacement to get a "paper wrinkle" or surface texture. For parallax you'd need to prep more media holder/panels with the height map. The image and paper panels need their parallax sources in identical positions as their layers so the height map doesn't drift. A little fractal noise for the height map texture and keyframe the parallax depth from zero to (probably) about 5 as the fold starts?

    I can see the tedium in setting it up, but, once it's done you just swap the images in the Media holders and it's reusable!

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    @Triem23 Those are a lot of interesting complicated ideas. I'll see if I can do some of that.

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    @Dimipapa I started out editing video digitally with Studio 10 from Pinnacle until I found Hitfilm. I try to update it once in a while though...especially when it's in a Humble Bundle because of the DVD Authoring capability and it has some great built-in transitions that I could never hope to create on my own like this Origami one:

    Maybe it will give you some ideas.

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    @tddavis That is for so not something I can do but at the same time there is no folding really it just kind of morphs. Still I wish I could combine aspects of the programs I use into one.

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    OK here it is. Added the lights and zoomed in at the end to be able to use @CleverTagline 's page turn as the end of the transition. I also added atomic particles to give it a slight wobble to make it look a little more paper like. The origami comp is somewhat messy when it comes to movement. For some parts I moved a plane up and down a pixel and at other points I just had the plane end on the timeline. I recommend leaving the color comps alone there. You want to take your media into each of the individual color comps and use the set matte effect into the plane there. I leave a dead video file there you can just copy paste the set matte effect from. Then you want to render off the Final Comp and Page turn, you can also disable the atomic particles here in the grade layer. You can download the project file here https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjnen1wtk4ic8f8/Origami%20transition.hfp?dl=0 I'm still on HF16 so I dunno if there will be any weirdness there, and it should probably work on express minus the atomic particles.

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    Nice touch with the Atomic.

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    That's looking very nice!

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    Quite nice. Try using bezier keyframes to make movement more organic-feeling.