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I'm editing a no budget kung fu movie in which three different cameras were used. The width/height of the videos coming out of one camera is 640 * 480. I'd like to get this to match the others which are 1280 * 720, but adjusting the editor and export to 1280 * 720 has no effect...I'm left with a small video surrounded by a black frame. Is there anything I can do about this? By the way, thanks for creating such a great and affordable software. Hitfilm has allowed me to produce awesome effects!


  • AxelWilkinson
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    You can adjust the Scale in the Transform properties of the layer, to 200%. This will result in a video large enough to fill the frame, but the picture quality will be a bit poor due to the fact that the original video only has 1/4 of the necessary pixels. Also, since the video is a different shape, you will lose a bit of the image off of the top and/or bottom of the frame.
    You can't just enter a new resolution for the video file, you have to change its size until it fils the frame size you are working with.
  • thanks Axel, I'll give that a try.