How to create LOCKED-ON STABILIZATION EFFECT (Beats by Dre) in Hitfilm?

krishd3 Website User Posts: 57 Enthusiast

How can I create the locked on stabilization effect in Hitfilm, If you don't know what I am talking about here is the video

To be specific I am wearing wireless earphones in my video and I want to create the same as in this video.


  • Stargazer54
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    Track each shot locked onto the ear piece. Parent each each track to the same point layer and they should line up. You may have to scale the video to keep it in frame if the earpiece is not already centered in the original footage. Workaround - shoot in 4K and edit in 1080p then you have some room to maneuver with the scale.

  • krishd3
    krishd3 Website User Posts: 57 Enthusiast

    Thanks... That was helpful. I shooted in 5k to get the best quality and edited it in HD, I think I should upload it to Youtube and link my video in the show off category🤔.