[FEATURE] Support for VST audio plug ins.

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Hitfilm is awesome, but its audio features still lag behind its video. VST support would enhance Hitfilm's audio capabilities via third party plug ins (many free), while allowing the dev team to continue their primary focus on video functions.


  • Anhoeng
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    I definitely agree. I own Vegas as well as Hitfilm, and the support for VST for Vegas is really powerful. It would be awesome if VST support was implemented in Hitfilm

  • Triem23
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    Look, guys @IamJoshuaDavies @TheBenNorris @KirstieT @Ady @NXVisualStudio My final work on the subject is there are free Ring Modulator VST plug-ins. I use one in Vegas. VST support in Hitfilm (Pro, mind you) + free ring modulator plugin + Hitfilm's Record Voiceover feature means doing your own DALEK VOICE in Hitfilm. Don't you want to do you own Dalek Voice in Hitfilm? I mean I can't be the only one who has multiple Dalek models all rigged up ready to animate in Hitfilm, right?

    If nothing else, i just got the Vote up from Tony. 😉

  • TheBenNorris
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    Audio is something we are sure keen to explore and improve upon in HitFilm, since it definitely comes up quite a lot in discussions here. I don't know a huge amount about audio myself, but I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on what you guys suggest here, so we can make HitFilm the best it can be for all of you!

  • Andersen01498
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    @TheBenNorris this would be a huge thing to bring to the table because Audio can literally make or break your production!

  • elijahalbuquerque
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    I edit music videos and sometimes like to add audio transition effects, as a pro music producer I have tons and tons of audio vst's but its so sad i cant use any of them.
  • elijahalbuquerque
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    I currently export the whole video (takes about 30-40 mins)
    Then import it to another software to disconnect the video and audio (I wish Hitfilm could export AUDIO)
    Then import it into my DAW, even if I want to add just ONE effect, A distortion or something
    Then export that!!
    And import to Hitfilm!!
    Lol ><