Best format to record on in OBS for smooth editing

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So I recently learned that the reason my footage stutters when I edit is because HitFilm is because it's often in compressed formats, so even if it plays smoothly on the timeline it will stutter.

I guess the general question of 'what's the best format and encoding' to use is dependent on the camera you use and what it can offer, so instead of asking that I'll start with OBS as that's what I do most of my home filming with anyway - what's the best settings to have in OBS to have the least (ideally none) stuttering during editor playback? In addition anything I should do in Handbrake after - I usually run OBS footage through handbrake as per Axel's instructions here to get rid of the variable framerate anyway.

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    You can force OBS to record Constant Frame Rate, but, honestly, the Handbrake settings you're getting from Axel's post are pretty much getting you the optimal format. The Handbrake settings are providing mp4 settings optimized and tested for edit performance in Hitfilm and mp4 files are hardware decoded by Hitfilm.

    Before hardware decoding was added to Hitfilm Cineform or Prores would be the recommended formats - both are "intermediate" codecs designed for editing - but Cineform/Prores will both generate significantly larger files and will be software decoded.

    Ultimately edit and render performance in Hitfilm will be determined by your hardware. Hitfilm (and pretty much every NLE/VFX program) is GPU dependant. From your initial post I'm reasonably certain you either have a machine that's at least 5 years old and/or do not have a dedicated, discrete GPU. As far as NLEs are concerned, if you don't have a dedicated GPU you have a slow machine.