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So I know that there are VEGAS users here and most of us, at one point or another have had a brush with Sound Forge (for good and obvious reasons)

MAGIX currently has a 75% discount.

Considering that the suite bundle is paired with Spectral Layers Pro 7.0 (this new version has insane A.I features) , it's honestly a steal.

I personally have Reaper, which is more then enough for my uses. Although I sincerely miss Sound Forge's workflow with single track doctoring and its seamless integration for VEGAS.

For Hitfilm users...I'm not so sure you'd have any need of this, tbf, unless its for mastering/recording or doctoring purposes.




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    Yeah, I just bought this bundle. Been a long time since I upgraded Sound Forge. I don't use it as often as Vegas, but Sound Forge is there for tasks Vegas can't handle, like manually editing samples (pencil tool), advanced pitch bending (on a curve, not just shifting a clip) and direct synthesis, as well as other (destructive) edits.

    Add in SpectraLayers and we're talking $700 of software for $159.

    CORRECTION: Last time I updated Sound Forge, it was $299 and SpectraLayers was $399. Looks like the base price for both have dropped since then, but $150 for $600 is a good deal by any measure.

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    Same. No regrets.

    Also, any basic Izotope tool is a welcomed bonus. You throw money at them and they just fix things.