Hitfilm crashes all the time

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Hitfilm is always crashing on my Windows 10 computer. Sometimes it asks for permission to send a dump file to support; other times it just locks up. How can I fix it?



  • Andy001z
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    Hi, Sorry to hear your having issues, the first thing to check is that your computer hardware meets the minimum specifications for Hitfilm.

    Next is to make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date. This can often lead to issues.

    Good luck.

  • albertbraden
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    [{"insert":"Hi Andy,\nI checked your link and it looks like my laptop is compatible. It's a Dell Latitude E5450 with 16G RAM. My service tag number is 9PCML32\n"}]
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    @Andy001z @albertbraden

    Ok, assuming that's the 2015 model, the CPU/GPU is an Intel i5-5200U with HD 5500 Graphics.

    This is barely minimum specs for Hitfilm. Without knowing what types of projects you do, I can't be 100% sure about causes of crashes, but the three most likely are.

    1) Dell software. There is a known issue with Hitfilm and Dell/Alienware machines. I'll just link that FAQ.

    2) GPU drivers. Intel changed the way they handle driver updates in 2018. You can NOT trust Windows or any management software installed on your computer to correctly report updates. You MUST go through Intel's Driver Support Utility. Here's that link.

    3) Too "big" a project. Since the Intel HD 5500 is just above min spec it's going to fairly easy to overtax the GPU and crash the system. As said above, Albert, I don't know what types of projects you do, but I have projects that work fine on my i7-6700HQ/Nvidia 980m or Ryzen 7-4800H/Nvidia 2060 that will absolutely crash on my i5-5200U/HD 5500 machine. I don't push that one too far.

    Hopefully disabling the Dell software and/or updating GPU drivers will stabilize things.

    If all else fails... Well, HF 16/2021 raised the Spec requirements. You might need to revert to 15.2, which has slightly lower requirements. This is a desperation move, since HF 16 projects cannot open in HF 15.

    The final option is, of course, to get a newer machine. The key thing here is to make sure it has a dedicated GPU with at least 2GB of VRAM (4 GB or more preferred). I was talking to another user yesterday and, for under $400 I found a 6th gen i7 with Nvidia 1050. By current standards, still slow, but a lot better than an i5-5200U without spending $2k for something current.

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    @Triem23 beat me to the response, although your is typically far better than mine would have been. I looked at the model and thought, yep this isn't going to cut the mustard.