[FEATURE] Selected Layer Preview in VEGAS Image/Imerge

datoaliffalex Posts: 45 Enthusiast
edited April 2021 in Imerge

I'm using VEGAS POST Suites. So it basically contain same software from FXhome.

The recent update on VEGAS POST Suites now allow me to batch export tons of photos from VEGAS Images, which it was impossible to do so on previous version of VEGAS POST. I highly appreciate this feature is now available in VEGAS Image, which I can confidently replace Adobe Lightroom.

But I wish there is a feature/functions that allow user to enable instant preview base on the layers we pick, similar to lightroom. So whatever layer (Photos/Images ) we select, it update the preview/canvas to that layer. Rather then acting like composite software like Ps which only shows the most top layers.

So I can quickly toggle to "Photoshop" mode or "Lightroom" mode in VEGAS Image/Imerge quickly