Creeping veins for infection?

Kilna Posts: 1
I'm likely working on a zombie movie soon. Has anyone tried to do creeping dark veins on a person indicating infection? I can't remember specifically where I've seen this, I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere in Star Trek when the Borg used nanoprobes to assimilate. I wonder if the lightning effect would work for this...? Ideally it would be something I could use in conjunction with motion tracking, so if a person's face was moving I could move the veins with it. Ideas?


  • Froi
    Froi Posts: 966
    You could get a picture of the infection, track it to the area you want it to be and puppet it do it is matching the shape and movement of the area (it is all there, may look like a tattoo). Then you could mask over the whole thing and move along in the time line and retract the masks so the picture looks like it is moveing along the area like an infection.
    Or you could use something like trapcodes 3D stroke, but I don't know if hitfilm has something like that or not
  • guitar74
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    Probably the lightening effect would be better, just have to play with it. Go back and watch the part of Star Trek First Contact and watch the guy get assamiliated again. Seems like with adjustments that the lightening would be a good choice, but the color might be hard to match for the zombie look! Good Luck!