Ben's Little Thread Of Creativity!

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Hey all, some of you may know that although I'm a developer here at FXhome, I'm also very interested in the creative arts too, and do a bunch of creative projects in my free time. Although I'm not as experienced as most of you when it comes to video editing and media, I thought I'd show off some of the things I've made anyway (often during testing days for HitFilm!)

Gonna start off with this little Twitch/YouTube transition I made:

I do a lot of motion graphics stuff although I'd also like to do more with actual footage, and perhaps direct some of my own stuff in future - I used to do a lot of comic art and attend expos to sell my art when it was safe to do so, and this break has allowed me to actually explore new formats!

Anyway, feedback is always welcome, so please do provide it, and hopefully you can see I'm not just a code monkey!


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