Hitfilm won't open after crash

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I was editing a video in hitfilm and it crashed. I went to open the application again but nothing happened. I only got an error message that said "The application “HitFilm Express” is not open anymore." I'm using a mac on high sierra and Hitfilm Express 16.0.

This is what I see when I try to open the app.


  • togleasonkaiser
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    I just tried to uninstall and then re-install hitfilm but when I tried to delete it it gave me a warning that said I couldn't un-install it because it was still running. Everything says that it isn't open but I can't get rid of it because something is saying that it is open. Please help!

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    @togleasonkaiser Sounds like a subroutine is hung from the crash. Have you tried shutting down the computer and rebooting? That should clear the hung routine.

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    This happens to me all the time, not sure what it is but just Log out and log back in and it should be fixed

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    2011 Macbook Air has an i5 2435m CPU with an Intel HD 3000 GPU. This is under spec for all versions of Hitfilm after 3. Current minimum specs are a 4th gen Intel i-series and HD 5000

    Specs raised in Hitfilm 4, 13 and 16.

    A GPU requires OpenGL 4 compatib8ility and OpenCL 1.2. The HD 3000 supports OpenGL 3.0 and Open CL 1.0. You absolutely can NOT run HF 16.

    Earlier versions of Hitfilm required OpenGL 2.0 and OpenCL 1.0.

    Unfortunately, since you ARE well under spec, there's nothing anyone can do to help with your issues. FXHOME likey has no hardware like yours to test with, and likely couldn't do anything if they did. Under spec is under spec. Bottom line is still you cannot run HF 16.

    You can try reverting back to an earlier version of Hitfilm. If 15 worked, try that. Otherwise, try 12.