How do I get more than 30 sec of life?

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First I have to say that, now when I have worked a lot in Hitfilm, it's a real joy to use.
A couple of months ago I posted here on the forum about the "steep learning curve" of Hitfilm.
But as someone replied that all things I used to do in CompositeLab (mostly keying and grading)
I can do much faster and with better result in Hitfilm.
(Rendering a scene that in Complab took 4-6 hours now is ready in 4-5!!!)
Everyday I find some "new" way of doing things that I thought was impossible.
I really love to work with Hitfilm, you have really done a great job with this product.
Now to my "new" problem, since I never got to use the effects in VisionLab before I switched to Hitfilm,
editing the effects is something new to me.
I have mostly used "real FX" like fire, explosions and smoke that i have bought from Detonation Films.
I want to do a 3D fog that swirls just above ground but I can not get it to last more than 30 seconds.
I've tried all the "fluffy clouds" and "smoke"-presets but with the same result: it looks real good...for 30 sec.
Well, why cant I just place a new 30 sec. fog after the first one and so on , you might say.
Of course I can do that but it would be much easier to make it "live" for a couple of minutes.
maybe someone can give me a tip on how to do it.
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    I've been working on that myself so this will be kind of a vague response, since I havent actually solved the problem. in the preset it seems impossible, but in the actual particle simulator version of clouds or smoke it might be possible to alter the settings so that the simulator is generating new particles to replace the ones that disappear after 30 seconds. The trick would be to set the simulator so that it generated new particles at the same rate that they were disappearing so that the cloud doesn't get too thick.
    I've done this with floating dust that I created for a five minute long shot. The particles would disappear after 30 seconds, but they were consistently being replaced by new ones. I hope this works with clouds and smoke too...
  • AxelWilkinson
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    If you are having difficulty just changing the duration of the effect, it can be dragged out as long as you want, limited only by he length of the timeline it exists on. But since you can also easily edit the length of any composite shot, this isn't an issue. As Darth Ill mentions, as long as new particles are being spawned to replace the old ones, the the effect will go in forever. And if you want the fog swirling, then this is probably the best approach anyway. I'd also use the Lifetime graph to fade the particles in and out, so you don't see them blinking into or out of existence.
    There is also a Time Scale control in the General Controls of the effect, which allows you to slow down the entire effect, even stop it entirely on a certain frame, if you want. If you have a 30 second effect and set the Time Scale to 10%, then its going to last for 3 minutes, moving at 1/10th of the original speed.
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    I really need to learn more about the lifetime graph.
  • Lars_H
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    Yes, me too.
    Where to find it, for starters.
    Thanks a lot for your help but I have not got the hang of it quite yet.
    I have tried today but there are so many parameters that I get totally lost within minutes.
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    The Lifetime graph is in the Lifetime panel. Its the only thing in there. :) By default, its in the same container as the Media and Controls panels, and it can be hidden or revealed through the menu up top, like other panels can.
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    I will check that!
    To be honest I had forgotten that those panels even where there.
    I have only looked the contol and media-panels.
    But maybe some more presets to get us going?