3D Filmstrip again


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    Pretty slick. Done in HF?

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    Blender and Hitfilm. I actually have two versions. The filmstrip for both versions was made in blender. The videos for one version was added in blender. The other version, the videos were added to the filmstrip in hitfilm. I didn't include the version where I added the video in hitfilm mainly because I failed to add enough detail to the filmstrip that when the filmstrip curved during the animation it was very square looking. I redid it and divided the object into more vertices so the animation around the curves looked a lot better. Still not perfect, but a lot better.

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    I like where this is going!

    Talk to @GrayMotion and @spydurhank

    Greg (Gray) is working on an LED sign animation that's similar in concept to your filmstrip. They can help you set up and align things so you can set up an "Override Material" correctly in Hitfilm. For future use you should be able to set up an FBX animation of the strip that can import to Hitfilm but use Override Materials to swap out the frame images in the strip if you wanted this to be a reusable, customized Hitfilm template!

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    I tried to import as a FBX animation but could never get it to actually animate. I watched a video on how to switch out the material with a video when you first import it and that worked (I used images when I first did this and that worked). But when I attached the animation file to the fbx file in the composite shot I get no animation for some reason.

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    Nice job on the animation. @DanSumner :)

    Ah Blender,

    the default alembic and fbx exporters are glitchy in Blender. Sometimes they only export a single frame of animation.

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    Thank You What do I need to do? Keep trying to export it until it works? Is there some setting that I am missing? It is showing 12:11 sec @ 24 frames. But no animation???

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    The easiest way to help you is if you could upload your original Blender file so I can troubleshoot.

    The second easiest way is for you to record a screencap video of you going through your entire proccess of exporting out of Blender and then setting everything up in Hitfilm.

    I betcha it is something simple. Let me know if you can do either.

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    @spydurhank is defintley smarter than I am at this. He helped me figure out how to keep the aspect ratio in check so the images weren't stretched. So first go with his advice.

    As for the material override: I made a comp that had all the videos spaced out evenly so they fit the curved screen model (like a film strip) . I then added a point, parented all the images to the point and then animated the point. This made the videos (images) move right to left. I then used the comp as the override material.

    Please keep in mind that my little test involves a screen model and not an animated filmstrip model but it seems that the process should work the same.

    I posted my test here: January 26

    It's not exactly what you're trying to do though. My videos are animated right to left. It seems your videos want to be stationary on the filmstrip while the film strip is animating. Not sure if I helped at all. Since your videos are static running on a "rail" maybe making the override material as I laid out minus the animated point might yield the result you are after?

    A side note: For the material override in this scenario maybe something like this would be much easier to do if Hitfilm incorporated something like Dropzones with offsets like Motion 5 and FCPX have. But I am wishing here...

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    I am sorry for the delay in replying to your comments. I will send you my blender file and at least an explanation on how I export the fbx file from blender and import it into Hitfilm as soon as I can. Thank You so much for your help!!!