[FEATURE] Applying transitions to multiple clips at once

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I don't understand how this has not been implemented yet. Google results show it hasn't. I edit a video with dozens of texts, one always replacing the other with the push to the right transition. The transition shall always be the same for all these text clips. Effect modification: Duration and blur. Currently, there's no other way than dragging the same effect between all clips and manually dragging the effect to make it longer (duration cannot be set with numbers). If I then decide to change some parameter in this effect, I'll have to do everything all over again.

Is this on your timeline? thanks


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    @fxhomer92208 I edited your title to follow the guidelines laid out in this sticky for posting requests for you to review. I also edit the text a little to make a bit easier to catch at a glance for the Devs:


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    "Automatic" transition addition is something I've looked at in the past, but couldn't find a good solution for. Context: you can double click effects in the effects panel to add them to the current object, but not transitions.

    One of the biggest difficulties with automatic transitions, and something I've raised on a few threads in the past, is that it's not explicit where the transition should go. In your proposed case, do the transitions automatically apply to the start and end of every clip? Do they only apply where the clips touch? The fact that transitions have different states makes this task a tricky one, so any input you have on this expected behavior helps us when planning out the features!