Particle Sim (Add-On) in HF Express Help - Size of Particle? and possibly more questions

faulkner Website User Posts: 19 Just Starting Out*

I'm betting there's a simple answer to this, but searching for the word, "size" in the Hitfilm Manual on the Particle Simulator doesn't return any results. What parameters do I need to adjust to increase/decrease the size of the particles?

And If I want a less uniform shape to the particles (I'm trying to adjust the "snow" preset to look like floating/falling ash from a fire - not sparks - just ash, like from a distant wildfire).

I'm probably going to have more questions as I go, so hopefully I can keep this thread open and keep them all in one place for myself (any other future people beginning to play with 3D simulation like me).

Many thanks to the always helpful peeps on here.