Halo vs Call of Duty : A bit Slippy

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Took a while longer than I thought it would...



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    Ahh.. brilliant as always!!

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    Worth the time taken, Tony.

    I snorted so hard at the probe line I had to pause and grab a tissue. Talk about "slippy!"

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    Thanks all. Three things took far too long to do.

    1) The stone walls. I had a number of options but watched a video and thought "Ooooh!! I'll give that a go". It took a week of failed attempts: Stones too big, too much Modge Podge etc etc. Finally, I got the mix right.

    2) The bullet pings. I took @Triem23 advice to parent an emitter to a point but, as you can see, there are a LOT of bullet hits. I couldn't get the sparks particle timed right. In hindsight, I should have made a single bullet ping image and used it as a particle with movement variation in the rotation and size.

    3) The hole in the chest. An easy effect but I hadn't thought it through. The soldier wears a vest and grenades. I should have removed them to have more space OR used them to track the hole. I did neither. Instead, I decided to do a truck/pedestal (whatever it is called) BUT the blurred background didn't look right. Tried LOADS of different things before realising a zoom out and in would work better as I got more of the background in the shot.

    What have I learnt? Make sure I know what I'm going to be doing in post so I can allow for it while filming. 😀

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    @DafterThings Sounds like a good lesson learned!